”This season's Blitzmania promises to be the BIGGEST ever, and if you want to take part, be the first in line to sign up your team“

After the staggering success of Bugmans Blitzmania Brawl, not to mention the ridiculous sums of cash made off with some of the coaches, sponsors and players, it has firmly planted its hobnailed boot in the face of the game - we will also see Farblast & Sons making entre this season.

With the this season looming it looks like the teams are eager for a bit of the action, perhaps attracted to the sheer debauchery of a good scandal, or maybe miffed that some blood is being spilled without them - and the opportunity to drink beer and toss bombs!

The tournament is once again sponsored by no less than Josef Bugman himself in a joint venture with Farblast & Sons and we're certainly looking forward to this action packed league of brawling!

Competition Games: 4
Play-Off: Top 2 (Division 4)
The teams entering Play-Offs may not play any friendly games until their out of the competition or the final has been played.

Master Brewer
When Josef Bugman turns up at a match in person it is a spectacle to behold.
Josef Bugman costs 50,000 gold pieces during this tournament for teams that can hire him as an inducement.

Farblast & Sons Ordnance Solutions
The Major Sponsors Farblast & Sons offers the participating teams to outfit one of its players with a satchel of their Finest Detonating Spheres.
During this tournament, a standard line player (i.e., 0-12/16 positionals) gains Bombardier, Loner and Secret Weapon skills untill the end of season. If that player dies or retires, a new player can be sponsored. Dark Elf, Elven Union, High Elf and Wood Elf cannot accept this sponsorship.

Prize Money
Winners: +60,000 gp
Runners-Up: +30,000 gp
Add the gp's in addition to any winnings the teams get in Post-Match Sequence.

Blitzmania Cup
The sponsors provides the winning team with an ample supply of Bugman’s XXXXXX, the most famous and valued of Dwarf ales is renowned for its recuperative properties...
In each game, when rolling to see if Knocked Out players return to play between drives, rolls of 1 can be re-rolled, untill end of next season.

... Or a Major Sponsorship deal with Farblast & Sons with free supply of their Finest Detonating Spheres!

During next season, a standard line player (0-12/16 positionals) gains Bombardier, Loner and Secret Weapon skills untill the end of season. If that player dies or retires, a new player can be sponsored. Dark Elf, Elven Union, High Elf and Wood Elf teams have no time for such barbaric nonsense and cannot accept this sponsorship.

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