In the freezing cold of Naggaroth you won't come across a fair game since the dark elfs being an utterly cruel and arrogant race, they give no mercy, nor do they expect any! Games often erupts into an all out war and the Grande Finale a couple of years ago that featured Jeremiah Kool and Valen Swift ended up as a full scale battle before the two sides (and fans) were separated by a local army. And that’s what the Naggaroth Open is all about - gallons of spilled warm blood and a handful of icy touchdowns!

Competition Games: Knock-Out Rounds
A straigth out elimination cup. In the case of a draw, teams must go to Sudden Death Overtime, and a penalty shoot-out, if this does not result in a winner. Uneven number of participants leads to 'seeding'.

Blood on the Snow
Use the Winter Weather Table for the duration of the match, instead of the one in the Blood Bowl rulebook.

Merciless Crowd
The majority of the crowd are devoted to Khaine, violently bloodthirsty and ready to sacrifice any player stupid enough to be outside the pitch.
Any player that is pushed into the crowd, is beaten up by the fans and receives an additional +1 on the Injury roll.

When in Naggaroth... do as the Dark Elves do
When playing in Naggaroth, follow the customs of those who live in it.
A coach can return ANY of their Dirty Tricks cards to the bottom of its deck, and draw replacements from the top of the same deck in the Draw Special Play Cards phase.

Prize Money
Winners: +60,000 gp
Runners-Up: +30,000 gp
Add the gp's in addition to any winnings the teams get in Post-Match Sequence.

Naggaroth Cup
The trophy holder gets one free Dirty Tricks Special Play Card in the inducement phase (but a maximum of 5 cards still apply), in each game until the end of the next season.

Stillette, the best a Dark Elf can get
Stilette has manufactured daggers of the highest quality ever since the start of the beginning of Blood Bowl.
A 'lineman' player from the winning team gains Stab skill permanently, with an increased value of 30,000 gp. Any player already awarded with a rare prize or has a sponsorship deal cannot gain this benefit.

Naggaroth Open (Cup)
Round 1: 30 September
Round 2: 28 Oktober
Round 3: 25 November
Round 4: 23 December 

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