The Chaos Cup (originally known as the Whiteskull Challenge Cup until 2439) is the longest reigning and surviving tournament from the collapsed old NAF and the status it carries, however, is second only to the Blood Bowl.

The Chaos Gods take a special interest in the tournament and the fate of the team that holds the Chaos Cup will be rewarded with certain special Chaos gifts, though it may depend on your point of view if you think these gifts are "special". It should also be noted that the Chaos Cup it self is very much capable of coming to life if the Gods wish it and the cup has even participated in several games for whichever team it likes...

Competition Games: 7
Play-Off: Top 4 (Conference 8)
The teams entering Play-Offs may not play any friendly games until their out of the competition or the final has been played.

... in the vicinity of nowhere
The location of the Play-Offs changes from place to place, and it is rare for anyone to know where it will be held until a day or two before the game starts!
Teams dont have the time for some extra training during the Play-Off - no free cards are drawn in the Draw Special Play Cards phase during the play-off games.

Prize Money
Winner: +100,000 gp
Runner-Up: +60,000 gp
Add the gp's in addition to any winnings the teams get in Post-Match Sequence.

Chaos Cup Trophy
The trophy holders will be rewarded with certain special Chaos gifts. At the start of each drive, immediately before the kick-off, the Chaos gods can attempt to bless one player on the team (not a
Star Player). Pick a player on the pitch, then roll a D8 on the table
below. If they gain a skill, they keep it until the end of the drive, if
they already have the skill, it has no additional effect. Each player
can only be chosen once per match, in each game until the end of the next season.

1 = Knocked Out.
2 = Pick a random player on the same team, (excluding players not on the pitch and players whom a roll on this table has previously been made) and roll on this table again.
3 = Big Hand and Very Long Legs.
4 = Tentacles and Prehensile Tail.
5 = Disturbing Presence and Foul Appearance.
6 = Extra Arms and Two Heads.
7 = Claws and Horns.
8 = Pick one of the above results.

Whenever a player from the team is removed from the pitch as a Knock Out or Casualty, sent off for committing a foul or when a player is pushed into the crowd – the coach must roll a D6, adding +1 to the result every time this test is made after the first. If the result is a 6 or higher, the Chaos Cup Trophy comes to life and moves onto the pitch. Immediately place it adjacent to any sideline (not End Zone) in the team’s half of the pitch that is not in any other player’s tackle zone. From the start of the team’s next turn onwards, it activates and acts as part of the team and has the following stats:
4 1 3 7 Loner, Catch, Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty, Titchy

When the drive ends, the trophy "goes up in smoke" and it has no further effect on the game.

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