McMurty's Mootland Mania

At McMurty's Field in The Moot, previously called Green Acres Stadium, all of the exits were at one side of the arena while all of the entrances were at the other. At one end of the field were the large kitchens of McMurty's to feed the few spectators that came while at the other end were the locker rooms. McMurty's had bought the stadium on the cheap and had transformed it from a rural stadium in the middle of the Moot to an arena that could sport about thirty thousand fans. Of course, this was only one of seven fields McMurty's owned throughout the Old World, this one being the smallest venue of the seven.

Competition Games: 3 Swiss Rounds
Teams are initially ranked at random, and pairings modified only to avoid players meeting each other twice. 
The top two play a final game. The rest may play a friendly game within the tournament setting.
In addition, games are played with modified BB7's rules.

Small Locker Rooms
The Halfling-run stadiums are smaller than the standard field so the refs can due to safety regulations only allow up to 7 players from each team to enter the pitch for each drive.
To represent this, Stadium rules don't apply during this tournament and teams can never play on their Hometown Stadium. In addition roll two D6, add FF and divide by two, to see how many fans turn up to support the team.

Everyone is big in Mootland!
Star Players and Extra Team Training inducements are not allowed during the tournament. In addition, Rostered Star Players are not allowed to play during the tournament.

Silly Show
Team Rerolls are halved (rounding down) during this tournament. In addition, Assistant Coaches and Cheerleaders are not allowed during the tournament, but count as Team Value.

McMurty's Most Valuable Player
"Equal Rights - No matter size!
Randomize between ALL players attending the game for the MVP Award.

Prize Money
Winners: +60,000 gp
Runners-Up: +30,000 gp
Add the gp's in addition to any winnings the teams get in Post-Match Sequence.

McMurty's Mootland Mania Trophy
The trophy holder can buy a Halfling Master Chef for 200,000 gps. Halfling teams only pay 50,000 gps, in each game until the end of season 3.

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