When the tournament was first run it originally had the two teams starting at opposite ends of a small underground complex, the idea being to get to the opponent’s starting position with the ball and score a touchdown. This form of the tournament persisted for several years but slowly the fans demanded a more consistant tournament to that of the other Majors and as such the Colleges of Magic finally altered the rules but to keep tradition the games still took place in some of the Old Worlds most magnificent dungeon'esque caverns - the Dwarf underground stadium at Barak-Varr (the upkeep for which is paid, at huge expense and much to the Dwarfs’ delight, by the Colleges of Magic). The Dungeonbowl League is sponsored by the ten Colleges of Magic, and each College also supports one of the teams taking part in the tournament. The eventual winner of the Tournament recieves the services of their sponsored College in the form of a Wizard which comes in very handed when your teams in a jam and may need an explosive advantage.

Competition Games: 4 Swiss Rounds
Teams are initially ranked at random, and pairings modified only to avoid players meeting each other twice. Tiebreak for rounds: scored touchdowns and inflicted casualties.

Play-Off: Top 2/4
The teams entering Play-Offs may not play any friendly games until their out of the competition or the final has been played.

During Dungeonbowl, coaches do not roll on Random Stadium Table - all matches are played in Barak-Varr. In addition to this, teams are NOT allowed to play on their homestadium during Dungeonbowl and cannot ever become residents.

Enclosed Pitch
Players cannot be pushed into the crowd. Instead, the player is Knocked Down in the square they were pushed from. Make an Armour Roll. In addition, the ball moves only D3 instead of 2D6 when scattering back into the pitch.

A player pushed into a pillar hurts, even if the player is not knocked over! A player is pushed into a pillar if there is no unoccupied square using the standard pushing and chain pushing rules. When a player is pushed back against a pillar but not knocked over, the player is Knocked Down in the square they were pushed from. In addition, the ball scatters one square from the pillar using the throw-in template (from the pillar facing endzone or the wide zone, depending on where the ball bounce from).
(see picture for Pillar placement)

Underground Weather Table
Use the Underground Weather Table for the duration of the match, instead of the one in the Blood Bowl rulebook.

Colleges of Magic
Instead of buying Special Play Cards for the "free 150,000 gps" in the Inducement phase - teams can hire an approved wizard for the match.

Dungeonbowl Trophy
Instead of buying Special Play Cards for the "free 150,000 gps" in the Inducement phase - the Trophy holder can hire an approved wizard in each game until the end of next season.

Dungeonbowl (Swiss Tournament)
Round 2: 23 September 
Round 3: 14 Oktober 
Round 4: 4 November 
Semi-Final: 25 November
Final: 16 December

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