Match result

Season 3, Goblin Tribal Leeg [Seeded]
Team badge
Coffin Dodgers

gate: 27 000
2 TD score 1
cas score
Team badge


profile Duke Grimace
profile Duke Grimace
TD Scorers
Holly Dash

Max Coffinblade
profile Gargamel the warrior
Badly Hurt'ers
Twilight Sparkle

Max Coffinblade
Mordus Bowelgut
Serious Injurers

Max Coffinblade
profile Reverend Ramzy
Completions By
Interceptions By

profile Duke Grimace
MVP awards to
Holly Dash
  Sustained Injuries  
Miss Next Game
Fluttershy dead
Princess Luna dead
Result added March 13th, 2018

Match notes
Stadium: Know-it-all Hecklers

+40k till Coffin Dodgers för ny zombie
2 Ongoing Sponsorship + One-time Sponsorship till Coffin Dodgers

Coffin Dodgers säger upp en ongoing sponsorship

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