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Sep. 9th, 2017
A new draw!
Thats it! Gormak is pissed!

Gormak sends everybody to the gym. He thinks they´re lacking that extra punch!
In the start of tha match alot dwarves fell to the ground, and things seemed pretty well.
But it seems like penetreting armour just isn´t Grinders thing. They´re just scratching the opponents armour!
Well thats not competly true Kurk did smack out one Lightnings Trollslayers. so he might be safe from the extra training!

In the start of the second half it seemed like the win was a possibility.
Cortzuk scored after a mighty sprint and the team tried to hold the lead.

Then the Match did turn, The Lightning struck so to say. Three players in the knocked out and one in injured made it nerly impossible to defend.
And Lightnings could even the score in the end, but looking at the match overall it is a fair result!

Just one more thing, Yum-yum played hes most active match ever, i beleive the smell from the beards kept him on his toes.....

Now we await the next game with exitement! Go Grinders!

This is Skurt Pennchew for the Newsorcer
- chgadd
Sep. 2nd, 2017
Sometimes it just wont go your way. But this time i must say it seemed like somebody spiked Grinders drinks for the game.
They hit the darkelfs in United several times but the only thing they got out of that was gigglish elfish laughter. Were was the Grinding power? gone whit the wind i´ll say.

A fast and quite powerfull Elfish wind.
BUT Quarkie Longhaul showed today what he is capable of. Two nice score causing passes, and Mr Mammisboy our favorite scored on one of them.

Back at again Mr Moruk!

- Yeah i´ve had some bad luck in start of the season missing games and so on but i feel now that it can only get better.

This is Skurt Pennchew for the Newsorcer

- chgadd
Aug. 27th, 2017
WINNERS at last!
So this is how hereos are born, Ogroth that calm Blitzer scored the TD that brought home the victory.
And her is his thoughs on the match!

-We were so lucky coming out of this on top,
I must say the RNG kaotics had us by the balls in the first half. But a little misshap whit their Minotaur and the fact that we were able to knock out thier troll for a while changed the dynamics of the game.

And when one of their players tripped himself while trying to score changed the outcome totally!

In the second half everything started of like a charm, we supriced them whit a little blitz and broke thru, And in some way we got the hold of the ball. My sweet blitzer pals Foba and Kurk ended up by the leftsideline surrounded by Kaotics players neer the end time of the match and were about to be pushed out.

BUT then suddenly the ball flies over the RNG players and lands in my path, i couldnt believe it. The ball was right in front of me! One of the RNG players blocked the way but i put him down and i took the ball and scored!

- That sounds cool, but how did the ball get all the way to your side?

- Foba punted it just before he got pushed out!

-That explains one or two hings about that play!

- Nice talking to you now we gonna party and go and burn down the neighbor village! AAARGHHH

Good luck whit that!

Skurt Pennchew

for the NewsOrcer
- chgadd
Aug. 13th, 2017
Doom bowl!
That was not we expected!

Grinders Headcoach Gormak was a bit grumpy after the participation in this tournament.
The team unfortunately got a case of the "chainsawsyndrome". The thing that happens when that only person thats allowed holding the chainsaw is taken out!

So next time the team joins a Doom bowl tournament coach Gormak is considering rosting a team with mainly lineorcs.


Skurt Pennchew

for the NewsOrcer
- chgadd
July 27th, 2017
It´s "grindering" time!
And so it begins! After a bit Grinder testing in Nufflecup, it's finally time for some real action for the team,
The wound licking is complete and some new rookies have been added. At last, the grinders can grind for real!

Lineorc Moruk Mammizboy is one of the players who made an effort in Nuffle and became a fan favorite(not just for his mom) and he is really looking forward to a great season.

- Look out grindmeat, me and me pal Yumster are going on a GRINDCRUISE!

It seems as he´s a bit confident that boy!

We say goodluck to our new favorite Moruk and The Grinders and hope for many good games in season 2!

Skurt Pennchew

for the NewsOrcer
- chgadd
Green Gore Grinders
Race:  Orc
Coach:  chgadd

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