Da Ruztbukkit Ballcrunchaz

Race:  Orc
Coach:  Solaris
Da Ballcrunchaz comprise the more sophistically minded Orruks from the Ruztbukkit Warclan. Although the clan always visits human (and other) settlements with bloodshed on their mind, this bloodshed can come in different forms. Playing a game of Blood Bowl or two is one of the best ways to kill time (and opponents), and is among the Ruztbukkitz the next most popular thing after all-out warfare. Of course, whether they win or lose, Da Ballcrunchaz games are usually followed by all-out warfare, plunder and pillaging either way.

Da Ruztbukkit Ballcrunchaz team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
July 20th, 2017 - old news
A promise of blood
Attracted by the team's violence, Ugroth Bolgrot himself has decided to join Da Ballcrunchaz for the upcoming season! The wicked grin on head coach Profzor X's face as he entered the team into the Blood Bowl Championship, and the rate at which support staff has to be replaced at the team's practice sessions is foreboding of a very violent season.

Da Ballcrunchaz want blood and decapitations, and are going to stop at nothing to get that. If they remember to score any touchdowns amidst all of the fighting remains to be seen.
- Solaris
July 3rd, 2017 - old news
'Big D' Dingleberry
After watching enthusiastically from the sidelines for a while, Dingleberry the Troggoth rushed onto the pitch in a flurry of violence in the game against the Insidious Blade Runners. After immediately maiming one of the pesky Aelven players, Dingleberry was allowed to stay on the pitch as the ref gave in to the threatening stares from the Ballcrunchaz players. After a glorious first game, Da Ballcrunchaz have affectionately given Dingleberry the nickname 'Big D' and adopted him into the team.
- Solaris
July 3rd, 2017 - old news
4 balls in the Nuffle Cup
Da Ballcrunchaz went out on a small adventure and played some games in the Nuffle Cup while forgetting their coach at home. Fortunately, the Orruks typically don't use any sophisticated tactics and managed to do fine on their own.

In an attempt to confuse the Ballcrunchaz, both opponent teams used some foul tricksy magics to put extra balls on the field. In an unusual bout of clarity, team captain Ogbad Ruztknuckle decided that "we jus' gotta score wiv all dem ballz and knock deir teefz out in da process", which the team promptly did.

Lineman Dabu somehow did not return to the Ruztbukkit warclan with the rest of the team after the games. Rumors are that he got into a scuffle with Ruztknuckle on the way home and ended up as a bloody mess in a ditch by the road. Team management concluded that Dabu was completely devoid of talent anyway, and didn't make a big affair of the incident.
- Solaris
May 4th, 2017 - old news
Apothecary hired!
During the Warpstone Open, the team management noticed that their new-found fame may have risen to the heads of some of the players, causing them to fake injuries and sit by the sidelines to get sympathy from the female fans. To deal with this, the Warchanter Sik'beatz Bonkaz has been hired. Using his Gorkstikk and his Morkstikk, he is tasked with beating some sense into the whiny divas and get them back out on the field whenever they pretend to be hurt. Da Ballcrunchaz tolerates no sissies!
- Solaris
Tournaments played:
Season 1, Season 2
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