Green Gore Grinders

Race:  Orc
Coach:  chgadd
From Orc city Grind-Killzaak i proudly present the team that will put u in da GRINDER.

Founded by the citys grindkeeper Gormak Bullzukk, (former coach for the "Gormak Gutrippers").

Gormaks wise words shows just how much influence his wisdom has for the team.

- Hand me ur spleen, for the Green Grinding machine!
- itz not about winning, itz about GRINDING!

Green Gore Grinders team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Feb. 21st, 2018
Bless Nuffle!
What a game! And what a start on the season. A win over Daughters of Doom!

Think of what you want to happen, then it will happen. Is the coach's new motto.

He throws all the plans and tactics for the next game and plays on hes feelings and hunches, that it is the winning concept.
Throw a goblin? for sure easy peasy.
Catch a bouncing ball with a Black Orc.
Of course, why not?

And how smart can Yum-Yum get, in this match i´m sure i heard him count to three several times.
Maybe we can take him out of the Troll daycare center in a near future. ANYTHING is possible!

This is Skurt Pennchew for the Newsorcer
- chgadd
Nov. 30th, 2017 - old news
Off we go to the semi!
Hey ho lets go!

Some highlights from the match!

It is in the last minutes of the first half, the ball is in nr 14 Foba Jetts hands, he dodges he sprints he scoooores. At last he is on the teams score list. Good work Foba!

So in the start of the second it´s important to hold and secure the ball, but wait...... Foba Jett brakes thru and makes a blitz, o but whats happening It looks like Moruk also attempt to blitz and suceeds. There is a opening for Quarkie he sprints and pass Chop-chop, and that little guy catch it and runs. TOUCDOWN 2-0 in the beginning of the second.

We are getting in to the last quarter and Fireballs are atack on Grinders right side and they´re making a pass......o no the ball goes out in the crowd. The ball lies on the ground, Grinders secure it, making it hard for Fireballs, but here comes Griff the Star with a big S. He dodges and he fails. And trips, he no use there!
And here comes Grinders nr 15 he picks up the ball runs for it and passes to nr 5 Cortzuck.
SCOoooooooore 3-0 with seconds to go.

BAAM, oh no Sage the Ogre in Fireballs gives Yum-yum a elbow over his right eye while he´s celebrating. That eye looks nasty, no semis for him.

O well we cant complain.
What a match!
This is Skurt Pennchew reporting from Trelleb-Orc stadium.
- chgadd
Sep. 9th, 2017 - old news
A new draw!
Thats it! Gormak is pissed!

Gormak sends everybody to the gym. He thinks they´re lacking that extra punch!
In the start of tha match alot dwarves fell to the ground, and things seemed pretty well.
But it seems like penetreting armour just isn´t Grinders thing. They´re just scratching the opponents armour!
Well thats not competly true Kurk did smack out one Lightnings Trollslayers. so he might be safe from the extra training!

In the start of the second half it seemed like the win was a possibility.
Cortzuk scored after a mighty sprint and the team tried to hold the lead.

Then the Match did turn, The Lightning struck so to say. Three players in the knocked out and one in injured made it nerly impossible to defend.
And Lightnings could even the score in the end, but looking at the match overall it is a fair result!

Just one more thing, Yum-yum played hes most active match ever, i beleive the smell from the beards kept him on his toes.....

Now we await the next game with exitement! Go Grinders!

This is Skurt Pennchew for the Newsorcer
- chgadd
Sep. 2nd, 2017 - old news
Sometimes it just wont go your way. But this time i must say it seemed like somebody spiked Grinders drinks for the game.
They hit the darkelfs in United several times but the only thing they got out of that was gigglish elfish laughter. Were was the Grinding power? gone whit the wind i´ll say.

A fast and quite powerfull Elfish wind.
BUT Quarkie Longhaul showed today what he is capable of. Two nice score causing passes, and Mr Mammisboy our favorite scored on one of them.

Back at again Mr Moruk!

- Yeah i´ve had some bad luck in start of the season missing games and so on but i feel now that it can only get better.

This is Skurt Pennchew for the Newsorcer

- chgadd
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