Handsome Hurricanes

Race:  Chaos Dwarf
Coach:  chgadd
Something dwelves in the mountains to the east. Slurring and beating sounds so strong that if you listen carefully, you´ll be hearing it all the way to the west. The hurricanes are waking up, prepering for the coming fights ...............
be aware, feel the fear......

Oh wait a minute.......
They have to comb the beard first.

But soon Handsome Hurricanes will come and groom all less handsome foes.


Handsome Hurricanes team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Oct. 15th, 2017 - old news
What can i say! Dont now where to start!
It was with a fabulous and breathtaking style The Hurricanes entered the stadium. The crowd gasped and we all feelt the amazement whitin the crowd.
Even if the opponents where grotesque elves(the Cyclones), The Hurricanes were able to mobilize the troops to make it a draw. Im so proud over our team, i wouldnt ever touch one of thoose hiddeous beardless creatures.

Sadly in this training campain we lost on of our beautiful heroes against the Morbid Mutants. Hope the gods will take good care of Xandrak Shinybeard and decorates him for his magnificent maintenance of his beard.

Stay handsome heroes and keep your sweet beards combed and trimmed!

This is Helga Hellblokk reporting for BeardGromersNet!
- chgadd
Oct. 11th, 2017 - old news
Final Try outs!
-Hello there fellow fans!
So finaly we have a team training on the newly build traing grounds called the Handsome Fields and all the folks in Haksbackspotatska is looking forward to following the liars pride: HANDSOME HURRICANES.

This is the team the not only tries to play good they always show up whit newgroomed and shiny beards.
If they win they´ll do it in style and if they loose...then they loose in even better style.

Lets hope for a Handsome Hurricane coming your way!
Blinding awesome remarkeble handsome HURRICANES!!!!!!!!!!

This is Helga Hellblokk reporting for BeardGromersNet!
- chgadd
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