Handsome Hurricanes

Race:  Chaos Dwarf
Coach:  chgadd
Hit hard and do your utmost to win, AND obviously do it with a well-combed and glittering beard is the Hurricane holy code.
For all these perverse and disgusting looking foes must be battered down so that we become the invincible and superior team.
We are the standard!
Handsome Hurricanes will come and groom all less handsome foes.


Handsome Hurricanes team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
June 2nd, 2019 - old news
The bittersweet end!
The season ends with another draw. Hurricanes fought hard but coudn´t handle the ball. In many of the situations Hurricanes showed their strenght and handled the Horrors quite well. But to keep the season alive they had to win.
Now it´s time for a break from leagueplay, the only plan they have is a long trainingtour in the mountain wastelands. But they´ll be back in a season or two.

Stay Handsome Hurricanes!

Helga Hellblock
Reporting for Beardgromersnet
- chgadd
Apr. 25th, 2019 - old news
A heros journey starts!
A new name to remember!
It has been a darktime in Hurricanes lair. The team has not quite delivered. Some say the team lacked a scorer since Bonestomp sr, choose to quit.
But sometimes a new hero just stumbles in and gets going from the beginning. The journeyman Nutta did just that. In his first match he Slapped a chaosdude in to the injurybox and in his first match as full pledged teammember he puts 2 in the bag. Welcome Nutta Gutterslap! Hope you survive some more matches!

This is a bit hopefull Helga Hellblock reporting for Beardgroomersnet
- chgadd
Feb. 25th, 2019 - old news
The lack of Bonestomp!
The lack of Bullcentaur Bonestomp was clearly noticed when Hurricanes played their first match after his drop-off. Skulltrotter felt alone and probably coach Beardflair put too much responsibility on him. Brutus fought and struggled with the orcs i Roserna but he did not receive any backup from the rest of the team. At the end of the match that felt like a typical even match, Brutus ”succeeded” in stumbling when making a Blitz. This made that Roserna could free Blitz Blitzfree. And with a small sprint in the last minute of the match, the defeat was a fact.
Coach Beardflair have decided to put money on signing Pherdinand's son Jussi with the hope that he will be as good as Dad.

Helga Hellblock, Beardgroomersnet
- chgadd
Feb. 3rd, 2019 - old news
Not again!
It was with a good feeling the team entered the field!
And then BOOM in the middle of the first half it was over. All the players forgot their minds, stamina and strenght in the chaningroom. And when Mr Bonestomp got injured the team lost its will to play and stand up. Nearly every block The Nurgle Kings made were succesfull.
This was not a loss, it was a parody wich we want to forget.

Coach BeardFlair is sirously thinking about kicking his "new" star after the first match. Hopeless was his words!

This is Helga Hellblock and yes i´m grumpy and whimsical for the BeardGroomersnet!
- chgadd
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