Handsome Hurricanes

Race:  Chaos Dwarf
Coach:  chgadd
Hit hard and do your utmost to win, AND obviously do it with a well-combed and glittering beard is the Hurricane holy code.
For all these perverse and disgusting looking foes must be battered down so that we become the invincible and superior team.
We are the standard!
Handsome Hurricanes will come and groom all less handsome foes.


Handsome Hurricanes team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Feb. 25th, 2019 - old news
The lack of Bonestomp!
The lack of Bullcentaur Bonestomp was clearly noticed when Hurricanes played their first match after his drop-off. Skulltrotter felt alone and probably coach Beardflair put too much responsibility on him. Brutus fought and struggled with the orcs i Roserna but he did not receive any backup from the rest of the team. At the end of the match that felt like a typical even match, Brutus ”succeeded” in stumbling when making a Blitz. This made that Roserna could free Blitz Blitzfree. And with a small sprint in the last minute of the match, the defeat was a fact.
Coach Beardflair have decided to put money on signing Pherdinand's son Jussi with the hope that he will be as good as Dad.

Helga Hellblock, Beardgroomersnet
- chgadd
Feb. 3rd, 2019 - old news
Not again!
It was with a good feeling the team entered the field!
And then BOOM in the middle of the first half it was over. All the players forgot their minds, stamina and strenght in the chaningroom. And when Mr Bonestomp got injured the team lost its will to play and stand up. Nearly every block The Nurgle Kings made were succesfull.
This was not a loss, it was a parody wich we want to forget.

Coach BeardFlair is sirously thinking about kicking his "new" star after the first match. Hopeless was his words!

This is Helga Hellblock and yes i´m grumpy and whimsical for the BeardGroomersnet!
- chgadd
Jan. 16th, 2019 - old news
The story of Jaz Yatzy!
Once upon atime there was a Hobgoblin who could run. He was so fast that the Coach of the Hurricanes signed him up as a extra on The team. He needed a reserve for the last match in the season.
The time came in the match when he was allowed to go out on the fileld due to a some smaller incidents.
He was so proud going out his first match:
The second half in the Dungeonball FINAL, he couldn´t believe it. He was happy!
The refere blowed the wistle! KICK OFF and he run towards the ball and..........FELL. In his first ever sprint. Causing a turnover witch in monents later gave the opnents the ball. Then they scored and took the lead.
Ok one misstake, it can happen to everyone, coach thougt. Kick off again, Hurricanes coach gave him the Chance once more. Pick the ball up pass it to Bonestomp, the coach jelled. Mr Yatzy tried, but just couldn´t get it up...........
and now he is not whit us anymore.
I believe his mother sold him to the Chaos team Krampus for his scin. They needed som new balls for practice. But now parts of him is were he always dreamed of: on Bloodbowl field!
At least untill he pops!

And that was the story of Mr Yatzy!
- chgadd
Dec. 14th, 2018 - old news
When will we defeat haflings????
So that´s it then!
A team cripled by a wizard in the early stages of the Final made it hard to defend. But in some strange way we got the ball back and could score. A lead in first half were a fact. But in the second Nuffle turned on Hurricanes making the big treeboys in Trumpers handle everything in their way.
Hurricanes tried and where hoping for a second Td but right at the kick of newbie Mr Yatzy fell on the ball left it laying so the Trumpers could take it and score.
In the last turn it was the same thing,-Just pick it up Yatzy, and throw it........ But no, he had butterfingers again.
But it was a well played match, and the fans are happy. In this season we won more matches then we lost.

Next season we´ll come back tougher and we´ll fight harder.

Thank you for this season!
This is Helga Hellblock reporting for BeardGromersnet
- chgadd
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Season 2, Season 3, Season 4
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Season 5
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