Race:  Orc
Coach:  Khy

Roserna team badge
Bulletin board from the coach


Tournaments played:
Season 4, Season 5, Season 6
Playing in:
Season 7
Trophies won:
Blood Bowl Champions: Season 6


Blood Bowl Trophy
Add +2 to Fan Factor and an additional Team Re-Roll

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Blood Bowl Championship
Orcidas Challenge Cup
Arboreal Sanctuary Competition

Latest bulletins:
Esari Whirlwinds
Esari anmäler sig till Doom bowl!
Gnomeland avslutar säsongen med ...
Bilbotho's Devils
Förlust i finalen.
Casen uteblev för Bilbothos, ...
Latest matches:
Season 7, Doom Bowl semi
  0    Khorne Krushers
  1    High Ground Hitters
Season 7, Doom Bowl
  2    Averland Iron Bad...
  1    Orcanoid
Season 7, Doom Bowl
  2    Orcanoid
  0    Gargantuan Guzzli...
Season 7, Doom Bowl
  3    Esari Whirlwinds
  1    Gargantuan Guzzli...
Season 7, Doom Bowl
  1    Orcanoid
  1    Esari Whirlwinds
Season 7, Spike Magazine Final
  2    Bilbotho's Devils
  3    Gnomeland
Season 7, Doom Bowl
  1    Hellpit Pets
  1    Esari Whirlwinds
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