Race:  Norse
Coach:  Be_gt
Riding on the winds of glory and courage the Walküenritt are ever victorious and conquering, at least in the long run...

Walkürenritt team badge
Bulletin board from the coach


Tournaments played:
Season 4, Season 5, Season 6
Playing in:
Season 7
Trophies won:
Orcidas Challenge: Season 6


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Blood Bowl Championship
Orcidas Challenge Cup
Arboreal Sanctuary Competition

Latest bulletins:
Esari Whirlwinds
Esari anmäler sig till Doom bowl!
Gnomeland avslutar säsongen med ...
Bilbotho's Devils
Förlust i finalen.
Casen uteblev för Bilbothos, ...
Latest matches:
Season 7, Doom Bowl semi
  0    Khorne Krushers
  1    High Ground Hitters
Season 7, Doom Bowl
  2    Averland Iron Bad...
  1    Orcanoid
Season 7, Doom Bowl
  2    Orcanoid
  0    Gargantuan Guzzli...
Season 7, Doom Bowl
  3    Esari Whirlwinds
  1    Gargantuan Guzzli...
Season 7, Doom Bowl
  1    Orcanoid
  1    Esari Whirlwinds
Season 7, Spike Magazine Final
  2    Bilbotho's Devils
  3    Gnomeland
Season 7, Doom Bowl
  1    Hellpit Pets
  1    Esari Whirlwinds
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